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Presidental Powers and Limitations Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

death chairal Powers and Limitations - Term Paper ExampleUnder section 1 of the article II, the executive director power is vested in a hot seat for his or her term in the office that is come in for quadruple years. Appointment and Removal Power The enactment of civil service laws directs the federal official government to turn on 90 percent of executive branch positions through merit systems however, the president still has powers to appoint senior officers to set direction to his governance. C Q Press (2012) describes the various power of the President in that he can appoint ambassadors, judges of the Supreme Court, ministers and consuls and other officers of the US for which no provision has been made. The President also has powers to fill up any vacancy during the recess of the Senate through special rights called commissions. Similarly, the President can also enter into treaties with other countries under the advice and consent of Senate. C Q Press (2012) speaks about the discerning powers of the president which can be listed as per the following. Clemency function 2 of the article II specifies the President as Commander-in-Chief of the military with indispensable powers to dedicate pardons for offences against the country except impeachment. The glaring example of the clemency right rested with the President can be given as the pardon granted to Richard Nixon by his successor Gerald Ford for offenses committed by the condition during the Watergate episode. Bill Clinton granted 140 pardons on the last day of his term as President. Law Enforcement The President being the chief executive officer of the nation can even deploy the armed forces to apply the law within the country. All these years Congress has been instrumental in enhancing the law enforcement duties of the president. The incident during trick F. Kennedy time is worth noting when he directed army troops to quell riots following a court of justice order directing the University of M ississippi to admit a black student, James Meredith in its student body. Budgeting Section 3 of Article II of the Constitution provides powers to the President to undertake fiscal policies and budgetary procedures as unmatched of the important prerogative. Over last few decades, the Presidents of US have increasingly used their powers in outlining federal spending. Legislative Proposals The Constitution of the US authorizes the President to recommend necessary legislation which he feels necessary and expedient. The quondam(prenominal) history shows how President has used legislative powers to give a direction to the nation. Franklin D. Roosevelt using his powers as President recommended several important legislative proposals to overcome the crisis that country faced during the time of the Great Depression in 30s. Convene or Adjourn Houses Under Section 3 of the article II, the President has right to call and adjourn either single or both the houses as he may feel necessary and recommend the measures in the best interest of the nation. Veto The constitution has provided the President with veto powers that can be used against any piece of legislation to become law against their wishes however, Congress still can convert it into a law by passing it with two-thirds majority in both houses. The U.S constitution provides a mixture of special powers to the President that can be described as per the following. Emergency Powers Schmidt et al. (2011) argues that the Us President may exercise certain

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Financial Analysis of Netflix Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Financial Analysis of Netflix - Essay vitrineIn 1999, monthly subscriptions model was introduced and the reputation of the firm grew as a flat- fee rental with no due dates and late fee. Netflix has to its credit the personalized movie recommendation system which suggests choices to users based on their foregoing purchases. Also mentionable is the fact that Netflix user base has increased every year from the date its conception by over 50% from past years till 2005. After 2005, the number of subscribers continued to increase nevertheless at lower rates. (Netflix, 2012) Netflix also partnered with certain electronics companies to make streaming possible on the PS3, TVs with internet connections, Xbox 360, orchard apple tree iPhones, iPads, iPods and other internet connected devices. (Netflix, 2012) Researches showed that in 2011, 61% of the digital video market clintele belongs to Netflix. (Stambar, 2011) in 2011, Netflix is the highest tax earner in the United States. (Frankel, 2 012) This data clearly shows that as of right now, Netflix is a market leader. INCOME bid (Business Week, 2012) 31-Dec-08 31-Dec-09 31-Dec-10 31-Dec-11 Revenues 1,364.70 1,670.30 2,162.60 3,204.60 TOTAL REVENUES 1,364.70 1,670.30 2,162.60 3,204.60 Cost of Goods Sold 910.2 1,079.30 1,357.40 2,039.90 GROSS PROFIT 454.4 591 805.3 1,164.70 Selling General & Admin Expenses 249.4 286.6 358.3 520.6 R&D Expenses 89.9 114.5 163.3 259 otherwise Operating Expenses -6.3 -- -- -- OTHER OPERATING EXPENSES 332.9 401.2 521.6 779.6 OPERATING INCOME 121.5 189.8 283.6 385.1 Interest Expense -2.5 -6.5 -19.6 -20 Interest and Investment Income 9.2 4.8 2.7 2.8 NET kindle EXPENSE 6.7 -1.6 -16.9 -17.2 Other Non-Operating Income 0.1 -- -- -- EBT, EXCLUDING UNUSUAL ITEMS 128.4 188.2 266.7 367.8 Gain (Loss) on Sale of Investments 3.1 1.9 1 0.7 Other Unusual Items, impart -- 2.1 -- -9 Legal Settlements -- 2.1 -- -9 EBT, INCLUDING UNUSUAL ITEMS 131.5 192.2 267.7 359.5 Income Tax Expense 48.5 76.3 106.8 133. 4 Earnings from Continuing Operations 83 115.9 160.9 226.1 NET INCOME 83 115.9 160.9 226.1 Talking about the income statement of Netflix, the trend of revenues has certainly taken a great boost since 2006 from 1365 one million million dollars to 3205 million dollars in 2011. Growth in revenue certainly is a positive sign for every company. Netflix has achieved huge numbers during the four years. The cost of sales has also risen but looking at the overall gross profit margin, we see a rising trend. Expanses look pretty much chthonic control and would not had been a point of concern for Netflix. The change in the income statement which was very translucent was the interest charges which rose by big number from (1.6) in the year 2008 to (16.9) in 2010 and (20) in 2011. This means that Netflix has taken huge amount of loans in 2010 and have retained them in 2011 as well. In the income statement, we mess also see that the investments income earned has also decreased since 2006. Thi s means that Netflix have taken out all the investments it had made outside its company. Net income also shows a positive growing trend. From the income statement, we tummy say that Netflix is growing and has profitable numbers. BALANCE SHEET (Business Week, 2012) 31-Dec 31-Dec 31-Dec 31-Dec Currency in Millions of US$ 2008 2009 2010 2011 Assets Cash and Equivalents 139.9 134.2 194.5 508.1 short Investments 157.4 186 155.9 289.8 TOTAL CASH AND SHORT TERM INVESTMENTS 297.3 320.2 350.4 797.8 Prepaid Expenses 26.5 26.7 62.2 56 Deferred Tax Assets, Current -- -- 2.2 10 dependent

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Team-work Homework Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Team-work Homework - Assignment theoretical accountWhen the two companies do not advertise, both King and Babil Company will have a reappearance of 150. This payoff is beneficial to the two companies compared to adverting process.In the domain strategy, the two companies that is King firm and Babil firm have a dominating choice of not advertising. Irrespective of the Babil decision, the King company will not blast the risk of advertisement, lest King know the secret of the competitor. From the outcomes stipulated on the table, it is evident that high outcomes arise when the two companies purpose not to advertise, independently. The two companies felt that rather than getting a payoff of 300 and 80 for their strategy, they disc over it better to win 150 rather than making their products available to their public and their competitors. The best outcome for the preponderant strategy is when King fails to advertisement, as well as Babil.In Nash vestibular sense the two companies u se the methods to foresee the outcome of another company in the social arts. The payoff functions represent the firms preferences over the action profile of the company where the action profile of King and Babil will portray the list of actions. In this strategy, king will have an incentive in shying away from the advertisement after considering Babil options. Neither Babil not King shall have an incremental benefit of changing their motives. Under this strategy, just like other strategies discussed above, the nash equilibrium will be attained when the companies choose not to advertise their products. The outcome is illustrated as shown in the hyaloplasm

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Bussniess Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Bussniess - Assignment ExampleMainly, these encompass clientele service, production planning, buying, storing of the finished merchandise and ferrying. These are evident in the firm in which goods have to pass through prior the corporation finds commensurate dispatching means and contribute to the core tasks of the main summate. Besides, the diverse entities that normally form supply chain earlier their connection entails both physical and informational preys. Physical flow is the movement of the merchandise from its source to the intended destination. An informational flow is the sharing of ideas or essential long-term plans concerning movement of goods in the supply chain amid the key partners. Consequently, this ensures the accessibility of the necessary merchandise to the client besides enabling participating firms maintain their competitive edge.The firms operations entail prior planning, which is approximately two years due to the expensive nature of bluff changes that m ay even interfere with firms strategies. Its internal logistics comprise of 65%-automated operations, thus turning away much human physical involvement (Deshpande 4). This supply design, has enabled the firm attain greater aggressive good in the market besides having big clientele for its goods. Additionally, it entails prior material planning and sourcing where its suppliers cannot exceed the stated financial plan of Rs 2.9 Billion. The table below exemplifies design target in which the Pepsis operates.Pepsi normally operates indoors the set above stated constraints (in Table 1), which encompass both local and export forecasts especially Afghanistans demand (Janvier-James 200). This enables the firm to maintain its grip of the clientele equally at home and internationally, which is possible via ensuring its supply chain/design planning is flexible. Pepsi usually

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Artist report paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Artist report paper - analyse ExampleHis pay off, Ser Piero da Vinci is a prominent notary of Florence and had a great grange leftover from their ancestry. However, da Vinci was innate(p) to unmarried parents because his mother, Catarina was not from a rich family. After fewyears later da Vinci was born, Catarina left her own son and married to someone else. This caused da Vinci to not have each connection with any female in his life other than work. Moreover, from the one of famous art piece The Mona Lisa illustrates the idea fair sex forAs a son of notary, da Vinci had been well educated in his childhood from his father, uncle, priest and self-study because he is an illegitimate child. Even so, it did not affect da Vincis intelligences still surpassed those people who have been educated in school. He can play a lot of instruments, sing, and study mathematic in addition nature, due to the astronomic grange he had near his house. Other than the large grange near his house, da Vinci also spends most of his time in outdoor observing nature during his childhood which influenced the future of his art style. Until the age of fourteen, da Vincis father sent him to be an apprentice of a great artist, Andrea del Verrocchio in Florence because of talent in art. As an apprentice, he helped Verrocchio to finish one of the angels in Baptism of Christ and the landscape. His ability was amazed Verrocchio because da Vinci understood how to use the seeming to demonstrate the light and distant. Moreover, he also known the environment will affect the vision such(prenominal) as the rain, cloud and dust.A great person is not only what he is good at, is also what he did to benefit people. Da Vinci is the first artist who combined Science, Mathematics, anatomy, and engineering into an art piece. He demonstrates the elysian proportion of a human body that all the livingthings have follow the specific ratio, divine proportion. He is also the first person to draw a dissected human body and examine the human structure.

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International Monetary Fund and World Bank Essay

International Monetary Fund and earthly concern Bank - Essay ExampleDue to their coarse financial resources, technical assets, and global presence, the IFIs1 (i.e. the World Bank and the IMF, S.K.) have the capacity to assist in maintaining or recreating an environment of peace and stability.2The World Banks focus is on the provision of long-term loans to support phylogeny projects and programs. The IMF, on the other hand, concentrates on providing loans to stabilize countries facing short-term financial crises. The World Bank and IMF be directed by the governments of the worlds richest countries. Combined, the Group of 73 holds more than 40% of the votes on the Boards of Directors of these triggers and the U.S. alone accounts for close to 20% of the votes. It was the U.S. policy during the Reagan Administration in the early 1980s, to expand the role of the World Bank and IMF to discern developing economies4.The statutory purposes of the IMF are, first, utilizing a permanent i nstitution for the purpose of ensuring transnational monetary cooperation which overly makes ready(prenominal) expertise to deal with relevant problems. Second, bringing about an increase in the balanced growth of international trade, which will result in significantly reduced levels of unemployment. Third, ensuring that the stability, gradely arrangements and avoidance of competitive depreciation in respect of exchanges is maintained. Fourth, elimination of restrictions which hinder world trade by helping in the establishment, in respect of current transactions, between members. Fifth, reducing the duration and lessening the amount of disparity in the international balances of payments of members5.Their cardinal difference is that the World Bank is primarily a developmental institution whereas the IMF is a cooperative institution that seeks to maintain an orderly system of payments and receipts between nations. Each has a different purpose, a lucid structure, receives its fu nding from different sources, assists different categories of members and strives to achieve its distinct goals through methods specific to itself. The primary aim of the World Bank was the financing of economic development and accordingly, the Banks first loans, during the late 1940s, were disbursed in order to finance the reconstructive memory of the war-ravaged economies of Western Europe. When these nations recovered some measure of economic self-sufficiency, the Bank turned its attention to assisting the developing countries, to which it has presumption more than $330 billion as loans. The World Banks main aim is to promote economic and social get on with in developing countries, by bringing about an increase in their productivity in order to enable their citizens to have a better quality of life6. The IMF is involved in key policy negotiations with ensure to the exchange rate and the budget deficit. The monitoring of countrys economic performance by the IMF provides the bas is of so-called IMF management activities over members economic policies. The World Bank, on the other hand, is far more involved in the actual reform process through its country-level representative office and its numerous technical missions. Moreover, the World Bank is also present in most of the line ministries the reforms in health, education, industry, agriculture, transportation, the environment, and so on are under

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Discussion about influences has television had in our society Essay

interchange closely influences has television had in our society - Essay Example television system has both good influences and fearful influences on society. The following essay will talk about these in detail. There is no motion that telly has many good influences. Firstly, television is an audio/visual medium making it easy for the listening to follow programs. It characters graphics, sound recording and film technology to bring lively and interesting material to the utilization of the audience. Many people when they come back from office or school switch on the Television and relax themselves. More crucially, it also provides news bulletins and science programs for gaining knowledge. For school-going children it offers sport programming like live baseball telecast, etcetera All this are very useful and perform an important social role. In fact, Television has become such an important quit of everyday life that we lowlifenot imagine how life will be without Television . (Bignell, 2004) Television has been used for the purpose of education as well. For example, class-rooms muckle show students interesting movies that are part of the curriculum. Class-room can also show recorded lectures and science documentaries. With respect to society, Television brings awareness about orbicular issues so that all of us can act unneurotic. One example of this is global warming, about which education is provided in Television. With this we can act together and save the planet. Television also has plenty of advertisements. While both(prenominal) ads can be boring, some others provide information about products, which we can use when we go shopping. (Noll, 2011) Television not only performs a social role but also a family role. It brings all members of family together during evenings. In fact, it has become part of family routine at dinner time. Television gives news about brave conditions. We can take precautions against rain and storm by ceremonial weather news. Also, Television is used these geezerhood in closed-circuit cameras for security reasons. On the negative side too, there are many points. First, watching Television for long time is swingeing for the eyes. Television can distract students from focussing on studies. It can forge young children lazy and keep them away from books and sports. Parents are especially worried that Television has bad effect on society as it shows violence and crime. Young people can get the vilify idea about life watching such programs. For example, a young person watching use of guns on Television might later kill someone with a gun in reliable life. So it is very dangerous in cases like this. It also gives wrong idea about how to make out women, etc. In other words, Television can show women in stereotype fashion. Hence, not everything about Television is good. (Freedman, 2002) Television can cause problems in society by showing racial discrimination, etc. For example, if black people are no t shown in programs, one gets the impression that they are not important people. Television news can also be flawed. For example, we cannot believe everything the news anchor says as truth. sometimes they give inaccurate information to deceive the viewer. So one has to be careful about the candor of news. Also, the information given in advertisements can be misleading. Many companies are just trying to make quick money and will show any false claims to sell products. So we have to be careful while watching Television. (Bignell, 2004) Finally, Television has many limitations which make it not useful for in-depth analysis. That is, Television can never replace the

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Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Communication - act ExampleIt is therefore important to legally correspond to all stakeholders on appropriate strategies and objectives for accident ascendance actions. This paper describes the five critical assumptions of an effective disaster chat strategy. To understand the five critical assumptions of an effective disaster communication strategy, it is important to posit that these strategies ar based on the divergent stages of an effective calamity management procedure. Disaster management is categorized into various stages i.e. mitigation, preparedness, responses, and recovery stages. Consequently, a useful calamity communication plan of action has five basic postulations. According to Haddow, Bullock and Coppola, these include customer focus, leadership commitment, comprehension of communication in planning and operations, good information, and media partnership (134). Customer focus Studies done in the past(a) have elucidated the fact that an effective disaster take building is ought to focus on the consumer. In opposite words, the first priority should be to benefit the consumer. According to Haddow, Bullock and Coppola, an efficient disaster control structure considers the requirements and desires of the consumer and necessitates all stakeholders to be alert, quick to respond, and instructive. It is of significance to consider the fact that the consumers of a disaster control procedure are varied and may comprise workers or employees from international organizations, national institutions, governments, as head as a number of additional stakeholders associated with calamity control. It may also comprise o local individuals. on hand(predicate) sources posit that information relayed to each of the consumers affected must be on the basis of individual or institutional requirements (135). Leadership commitment According to Haddow, Bullock and Coppola, the initial stages a successful disaster control plan of action is established or instituted in participation and involvement of the individuals twisting in conclusiveness making within the clay or institution involved in the process. Decision makers in the body conducting the operation must be loyal in terms of giving out and publicizing facts associated with the impend calamity. It is also important to involve decision makers in other related bodies and stakeholders as well as the local leaders in propagating all the facts of the calamity. This is attributed to the fact that articulate discharge of the relevant and useful facts regarding an impending calamity is important and hence individuals with necessary communication skills such as local leaders of the involved body are ought to be involved (135). Decision makers in a calamity situation are also ought to candidly encourage, approve, and support effective sharing and exchange of facts and information among all the stakeholders. Preparation and death penalty It is also of importance to posit that dedication and loyalty of decision makers in disaster correspondence in relation to forecasting, preparation, and necessary procedures is critical. An expert in correspondence matters should therefore be involved and be integrated or integrated in the decision-making group. Discharge of relevant information and facts of an impending calamity as well as other plans of actions geared towards mitigations procedures has been made less complicated by the use

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Chalenges in Developing Journal Body Paragraph Essay

Chalenges in Developing Journal Body Paragraph - Essay ExampleIn most cases, I run into it challenging to support my prejudices, assumptions and stereotypes. Occasionally, most of my body carve ups be less logical and appealing. Misplaced statements, clichs and metaphors are likewise common in my body paragraphs. Another major challenge during the development of body paragraph is coherency and consistency. The information volumes from different sources are sometimes misleading from the main topic hence reservation the body paragraph lose consistency. Revisions remain the most challenging process in writing since it involves unhomogeneous aspects. In most instances, revisions are demanding given the clients ultimatums and requests. However, with revision plans, revisions are less problematic. counsel on the paper weaknesses remains my biggest revision strategy. While doing the paper, I am always aware of areas that were problematic. Therefore, I always plan early in areas that I felt I was weak. Creating consistency and focus in my papers remains my greatest challenge. The fact that in normally acquire information from different sources, in most cases, they end up misleading me during the paper development. In fact, it makes my paper loose consistency. I also tend to lose focus from the main argument and the thesis. Another challenge that I always sense is creating an effective paper flow within the paragraphs. In most cases, I end up losing vestige of the topic. Addressing consistency and flow within the paper depends on continuous practice and revisions.

Circuit Soldering Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Circuit Soldering Assignment - Essay ExampleThey can also be covered (Linsley 46).Methods through which circuit bonding is achieved accept manual soldering whereby, a skilled individual uses his hand to solder joints that have flaws and to solder connections. In this method, it is vital to limit the time of contact of the soldering iron. Another method is reflow soldering where, solder is put at the joints before actual soldering. It is put at the joints as a paste or a preform. The solder is then melted through thawing with gas, or through resistance (Linsley 48).There are various tools used in circuit soldering. They include an electric soldering iron, and a soldering gun. A soldering gun is a trigger- controlled soldering iron. On being triggered, it takes just 10 seconds for the bit to attain 3150C. The soldering gun bits can be changed and are supposed to be tinned. Hence, it can be said that a soldering gun is a slip of a soldering iron. Soldering irons themselves are ma de up of a bobby pin that is insulated from heat. The handle holds a heating component of 15 to 25 Watts. It is in this component that the bit is slotted in. The bits come in various kinds like the copper ones that are easy to clean using a file. There also are the ironclad bits. These bits are not supposed to be cleaned as the copper bits. They are cleaned by rubbing under high temperature using a damp sponge (Linsley 47).Tinning has been mentioned, the question is, how is it through? Tinning is done through cleaning the bit, the soldering iron is then inserted and heated, cored solder is then apply with the excess been wiped off using a wet sponge (Linsley

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The Therac-25 and Its Accident Investigation Case Study - 1

The Therac-25 and Its Accident probe - Case Study ExampleWhen u fix an aged(prenominal) tantalise, it is gameyly likely that anew bug will develop. After fixing a bug, in that respect is only a fifty per cent adventure that the particular program will function over a similar length of time forward failing, the same way it did before the bug was rectified. This means that the manufacturers claims that the cars sentry duty was improved after it was fixed were totally unfounded. The manufacturers claim that the auto could neer infract down, even after getting and rectifying numerous problems was groundless. So long as the manufacturer had the conviction that the forge could never cause an overdose of radiation, they would not notice any deficiencies in their machine. As much as many people would love to point fingers at the manufacturer as the cause of the Therac-25 accidents, the technicians and operators who operated the machine in any case made some mistakes which caused the accident. For instance, it was somehow strange that the operators of the machine got comfortable running the machine despite the habitue error notices it issued. The machine normally issued forty error notices in a single day. This was bad since the represent of the Therac-25s failure may possibly be death and it was the operators responsibility to put forward for a properly functioning machine without faults. They could also have demanded a clear documentation that showed the machines errors and their possible causes. They also over relied on the safety statistics of the machine which were inflated as state by the manufacturer. This made them not to investigate any overdoses possible hence putting the lives of the patients in danger. The national government had a fair share of blame in the accidents because they knew that the manufacturers engineering practices were scurvy but still allowed the use of Therac-25. They seemingly had too much faith in the safety statistics that were stick on by the manufacturer and therefore never took a keen interest in the safety precautions. The accidents were caused by institutional and engineering mistakes which could have led to even bigger disasters had the machines operation not been suspended. The manufacturer never had an independent review on the software code and therefore had not followed the aright procedure. They never considered the softwares design when assessing the machines ability to produce the expected results and if there were any failure modes in its operation. The machine never explained any error codes so the operators just overrode the archetype signs since they could not tell if there was an error or just a false alarm. The manufacturer never believed any complaints since there were overconfident that the machine would never fail, to make it worse, the hardware and software combination was never tested until after its assembly at the hospital. On the engineering side, the machine failed only when a non old-hat keystroke was entered on terminal VT-100. This machine never had hardware interlocks which could prevent the beam from running in high energy mode when the target was not in position. The programming engineer used software from an old model. The old models used hardware to cover their faults but could not report the faults hence leaving the machine to operate with the

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Starbucks Case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Starbucks - Case Study ExampleIt still had to face criticism as people believed that it was non an actual size reduction but just a fad on the part of the friendship. receivable to this they started producing the snickers mini and phased out the giant. The environmental aspects that return positively impacted the company include demography of the field of view of operation which is within cosmopolitan regions. This also has been amounted to by the technological advancements within these regions especially that their products argon give strike offs to the existing products. Lastly, the cultural trends of the regions of operations have been characterized by fashionable products which basically triggered the entry of Snickers into the market space. Moreover, the achievement of starting the company was amounted to the level of education of the management this accorded the management technical as well as managerial skills, having studied a bachelors degree in business management. By extension, forward experience in a sugar processing farm came in handy as regards the stages of achievement and general processing. In addition to this there was adequate savings to initiate the company as initial capital. Product Description and Segmentation The Starbuck Company produces products made up of Nougat, caramel and covered with chocolate. They have a range of products, the original snickers, the dark snickers, the almond snickers and the ice cream. The ice cream comes in three forms, a cone, a brownie and a bar. Current Market Target Starbucks Company has enjoyed a whopping 30% market share owing to its quick establishment as regards to the core products which long before never existed to satisfy the consumers needs, but if they did then were of poor quality. The main area communicate by Starbuck coming in handy as a cutting edge was their technological inclusion in the venture. This furnished the brand of the product. In addition to their quality products the go vernment was quite impressed and considered funding the expansion in the production of this new brand of products. In addition to the aforementioned market share, Starbucks Companys considerations come along with the knowledge of the customers of probable benefits accruing from the entry of the new product, their willingness and capability to pay higher prices for the new products, their likelihood to larn the new brand based on their attitude and their criticisms about the product which they would wish to be addressed especially the health concerns. Proposed Promotion Mix The current advertisement that Starbuck Company has been running is the when you are hungry, you are not you. It is this concept that has received recognition and they have made some really interesting advertisements that have earned them acclaim. This advertisement focuses on the fact that the company products give you energy and makes you young and energetic. early(a) than this the company has also used variou s promotion strategies like Push strategy as well as the pull Strategy which has ensured the maximal exploration of all available channels of distributing the product to the market. In these methods of announce the company has employed various stratagems like Product comparison advertising whereby it has enjoyed the benefit of an outstanding product. Other equally competitive marketing

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Fashion Existing Online Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Fashion Existing Online - Case theatre of operations ExampleThe paper Fashion Existing Online talks about the fashion that exists online. In order for the caller-up to successful in this competitive market of fashion, it has targeted particular market and potential customers worldwide. The targeted customer by MO is women who love fashion and argon willing to pay adequately and in full price for indulgent shoes, clothes and accessories. The company targets specific customer a customer who will be able to drop designer looks right off the runway and who is fashion conscious enough to buying the clothing. The company has already targeted 80% of American who are shoppers in New York, outside New York and Florida, whereby the companys initial customers were their personal network and customers referred by the network (Mukti, 2014). The company is still low on target markets that they are aware to be biggest luxury markets although it ships its good to more than 150 countries. They ha ve targeted the European, Asian and warmheartedness East markets as they are growing very fast. Fulfillment eService for Moda Operandi can plug into its sales organisation in order to monitor the orders status and track deliveries. For Moda Operandi, it allows its customers to preorder exclusive designer looks that are ready to endure fashions, handbags, shoes, and accessories in online designer trunk-shows. With many designer products originating in Europe, Middle East and Asia, the company outsources fulfillment in order to service customer thus making substantial financial savings.

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Folk music of Latin America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Folk symphony of Latin America - Essay Examplears, forcing researchers and enthusiasts of dance to derive doubtful concepts from stack who did not addle part of the culture and perhaps cognized nothing or little about Tango. Although there is no special date assigned to the origin of Tango, evidence in the second half of the Nineteenth Century of people singing Tango in theatres and a Buenos Aires couple that danced on stage in 1890 affirms that the genre was constituted long before the Nineteenth Century ended (Denniston, Couple Dancing and the Beginning of Tango). oneness theory suggests that the name Tango was derived from the descent of Africa by blended the Spanishs name for machinate, tambor, with their drum gods name to come. On the other hand, another theory attributes the common Spanish example of the name Tango, which referred to a music style at the inception of Tango, despite the Argentinean meaning of Tango contradicting the Spanish meaning (Miller 85). Tangos i nception was an interracial initiative to eliminate racial discrimination.Tangos origin was because of the prevailing circumstances. The poor living conditions of the Buenos Aires people forced them to be concentrated in a single building. Therefore, it was possible for somebody to play the flute or violin with another playing the guitar. The end of the people who were not involved in the instrument playing had many opportunities to dance as they overcame the shortcomings of life. mixed immigrants to Argentina unified with the Argentineans because such music and dances, something that evolved to be Tango. The peoples dance relied merely on live music. Busters took advantage of this fact and raided the streets of Buenos Aires with an aim of making a living from playing instruments like organito and caskful organ. In pursuit of pleasing a woman when they had a dance unneurotic, men practiced together with women on their arms only to establish it as a dance style, Tango. Recently, t he UN approved the inclusion of Tango as a

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Super Bowl Ads Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Super domain Ads - Essay ExampleBudweiser oer the ultimo ten years it has proven its consistency in the rating of their advertisement. Their advertisement has always been among the exonerate ten advertisements. In the year 2000 it recorded the highest rating of 8.93. Budweiser in its advertisement has used dogs and puppies that many Americans constrain them as pet. The advertisement brings out humor of dogs and puppies that attracts people attention.The following advertisement scored the low in the new-made concluded Super Bowl Ads rating Heroes hitch by Ucool with a rating of 3.12, followed by tractor trailer it by Jublia with a rating of 3.22 and finally save the data by T-mobile with a rating of 3.50. Heroes Charge advertisement received the lowest rating than any other advertisement Voter Breakdown 2015, n.p). The past ten years advertisement from those companies did not make it to the top 10 list. This year they have awed improvement, but still they can do better to cha llenge Budweiser.The measures used rate advertisement by Super Bowl did have differences. For instance, the advertisement of lost dog by Budweiser did not have same performance on each measure. The first measure of state performance lost dog performed take up in Rhode Island on a scale of one to ten it had a rating of 10 and lowest rating being Neville with 9.18 (Dancing in the End Zone Ads and Brands That Won Big for Super Bowl XLVIII 2015, n.p.). From these statistics it can be noted that Budweiser brand is preferred in the state of Rhode Island therefore Budweiser has highest gross revenue there. Women are known to adore puppies and Budweiser wanted to draw their attention with a strategy that will as well allure them to Budweisers products. Age range rating was different with old and young less than 21 years have the highest rating of 8.89 and 7.93 respectively. According to (Wright, 1977, 37), the advertisement creates humor to the young and old will bound in the sales. Thi s strategy

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Gothic V Romanesque Architecture Essay Example for Free

gothic V Romanesque Architecture riseMedieval Art is characterized largely by the use of both Gothic and Romanesque trenditecture. As Christianity was highly meaningful to the middle ages, much of said architectural design is exemplified in the cathedrals of the time. Romanesque and Gothic architecture differ greatly from mavin a nonher, as is displayed in a compargon of a Gothic chapel service and a Romanesque chapel. The Cloisters Museum and Gardens the setoff of The Metropolitan Museum of Art devoted to medieval art, offers the opportunity for such a close comparison. A comparison of the Fueti collectablena Chapel and the Gothic Chapel conveys the distinctions between the two architectural styles. Thick, fortress-like walls, small, high windows, round arches, and place or dome vaulted ceiling, characterize Medieval Romanesque architecture. Because of the great outward pressure produced by the Romanesque rounded arch characteristic of the style, church servicees could not be make tall without adding buttresses to the weak walls. Said buttresses reinforced the walls, but made them very thick, creating a fortress-like feel to the church.Furtherto a greater extent, because of such thick walls, windows could not be placed at these locations in the church, and therefore the windows in Romanesque cathedrals are located toward the ceiling. There are usually few, small, high windows in Romanesque churches. Moreover, the semi-circular drumfish vault, as well as the dome vault, of the ceiling characterizes Romanesque architecture. The Cloisters Fuetiduena Chapel exemplifies the features of a true Romanesque chapel. The Fuetiduena Chapel is one of the first galleries on display in The Cloisters museum.The chapel displays the 12th century apsis of St. Martin at Fuetiduena, Spain. The apse is covered by a barrel vault and half-dome, with three small windows piercing the back wall. The apse of the Fuetiduena Chapel exemplifies Romanesque architecture throug h the use of the rounded arch, semi-circular barrel vault, dome vault, and the small, highly placed windows. The introduction to the apse itself is a rounded arch, as is characteristic of Medieval Romanesque architecture.The immediate interior of the apse applys the semi-circular barrel vault, while the mural of The Virgin and Child in Majesty, with Archangels and the Magi is painted on the dome-vaulted ceiling. The three small windows pass in the apse also utilize the rounded arch, and are placed more toward the ceiling of the apse, due to the fact that the thick lower walls of Romanesque cathedrals could not support windows. The windows in the rest of the Fuetiduena Chapel gallery are also placed near the ceiling, further conveying the Romanesque atmosphere.The shift to the Gothic style of architecture arose when architects began to taste with structural features that would allow ever-taller buildings and ever-thinner walls. They moved the buttresses outward, thus shifting the pressure to the foundation of the building as unconnected to the walls such are referred to as flying buttresses. The flying buttresses allowed for the churches to have thinner walls, and therefore Gothic churches are characterized largely by their long stained-glass windows.The windows allow for a flood of natural light, in sharp credit line to the little light present in a Romanesque chapel. The Gothic style is also much more ornate, as opposed to the relatively plain walls of Romanesque churches. Rather than rounded arches, Gothic churches have pointed arches, ever- stretching toward the heavens. The interior of the church is made up of thin shafts and ribs, with rib-vaulted ceilings. Within the Cloisters Early Gothic Hall sits the Gothic Chapel.The gallery takes the spirt of a thirteenth-century chapel, adorned with fourteenth-century Austrian stained glass windows from the church of Saint Leonhard in Carinthia and the castle chapel at Ebreichsdorf near Vienna. Sculptures o f royal and noble tombs from France and Spain also fill the chapel-like setting. The Gothic Chapel, as can be inferred from its name, is a great display of Medieval Gothic architecture. When one descends the steps to the Gothic Chapel, the difference in atmosphere from Fuetiduena Chapel is apparent.The ceilings, as opposed to the smooth barrel or dome vault, instead utilize the rib vault. The rib vault is the intersection of two or three barrel vaults, edged with shafts or pipes, often then decorated with decorative patterns. This ribbing allowed for the churches to be built taller, ever-reaching toward the heavens. The flying buttresses are not present in the chapel as they are an addition to the outside of a Gothic-style building, but the strawman of long, thin stained glass windows within the chapel shows the effect of such buttresses.Because the walls of the church were no yearlong as thick, the force of the arch pushed into the foundation by the flying buttresses, decorative windows, often depicting a story, could be included in the cathedrals design. Light was a part of the Gothic design, so these long windows allowed for a luminosity to the room. The doorway leading out of the Gothic Chapel further adds to the Gothic atmosphere, for the arch, rather than the Romanesque rounded arch, is instead set into a Gothic, or pointed, arch. The arch reaches upward, furthering the feeling that the church itself is reaching toward the Divine Kingdom.

Formal linkage mechanisms Essay Example for Free

Formal linkage mechanisms EssayFormal linkage mechanisms such as nuclear fusions and joint ventures argon supposed to reduce consummation hails in a business enterprise. However, sometimes companies can experience increased cost if the caution fails to lay down proper strategies (Jones, 2006). It is worth noting that joint venture refers to two or more parties glide path together to carry out business activities. In this case, these parties agree to share revenues and expenses.On the other hand, mergers have in mind two or more companies joining but each maintains their identity. The likely causes of increased costs In both mergers and joint ventures, there is the possibility of double running of the departments(Jones, 2006). This comes about by failure of the companies to do away with similar operating departments. For instance, when the joined and merged companies each maintain their human resource department, the results are increased expenses in running the department s.Increased company cost can also result from incertitude about the future by the trading partners. In this regard, the resulting merger or joint venture has to allow for the associated risks. For instance, the possibility of one or more parties pulling out will result to increased cost since the ratio of sharing cost changes. Conclusion and Recommendations The above factors would contribute to an upward trend in the companys legal proceeding costs.Therefore, it would be of significance for the computer company to consider the following recommendations. The companies should review their former organizational anatomical structure by joining departments that perform similar functions to avoid duplication. Moreover, the companies in the merger should work out a plan towards reducing uncertainty costs such as increasing the number of partners in the merger (Jones, 2006).

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Story of an Hour Essay Example for Free

Story of an Hour EssayIn A Story of an Hour, Mr. Bentley m entirelyard was a controling regard that completely dominated his marri duration with his wife Mrs. Louise m bothard. Through forbidden the story Mrs. mallard longed for some contour of freedom. She could never have that freedom because from a young early age she was empowered by her stirs and when she became of age she married and her husband became in charge. You see freedom is something that we all crave, whether it be something insignificant or something humans shattering we all have the will and desire to do whatever we please no matter how silly it is we long to do things with out judgment or with out someone telling you what to do and how to do it. From the time that I was born, to the time that I reached about 14 years old in that respect was an invisible barrier that developed called The Sacred Places in bread and butter. This Sacred Place separated me from the alfresco world. As a kid I was always told to encumbrance inside unless I went outside with a p arent or some sort of guardian watching everyplace me. Thereason behind this was not to victuals us from all of the fun things that are outside of the four walls of my house, but it was to keep me safe and bushel from harm.However if I did happen to go outside with out any sort of supervision I were punished with a spank or a stern voice informing me to never do that again or else I would be in bigger trouble. In A Story of an Hour, Louise Mallard was trapped in her home and was not aloud to go outside under any circumstance. Mr. Mallard didnt let her go out because in those sidereal days women were treated as property and not as actual deal with rights.When I was a little bit younger I horizon that I knew everything and that I was my possess person that had nobody to tell me what to do, and although I thought I knew it all until I reached the age of 18 I had to realized that I was my parents property and I had to submit t o on that point authority. No matter what I did or what I said to them to try to convince them to let me do something that I wanted to do they would always stay true to there decisioneven it do me upset and frustrated with my parents.In the Story of an Hour, Mr. Mallard (the husband) was the head of the house this meant that the house and everything in it was his including that people that lived in it. Being that Mrs. Mallard was his wife, he too owned her. Unlike me, Mrs. Mallard was contempt she knew her manipulation and her place in society and with out a word she obeyed she was used to this because this is how she was raised her whole life, she never questioned any authority. During this era married women and children were not aloud outside unless there were special circumstances such(prenominal) as a wedding or funeral, etc. This somewhat resembled my familybecause as I said ahead if I was being supervised by someone that was older than me and responsible (special circumsta nce) I was aloud outside to play in the yard. However I was aloud to go out when there wasnt a funeral or wedding.When it comes down to it I believe that every single person wants freedom, I remember as a young kid requireing out of windows everywhere I went. I would always look out and imagine what certain things looked like. For instance when I would fetch on the freeway freeing towards capital of Arizona I would always pass the downtown area of Tucson and I would see big buildings towering over the city and I always wondered who lived there, what type of foods were over there, and umteen more different things like that. I think what fascinates all of us is being able to understand and know the unknown. Whats behind the mantlepiece? Whats behind the wall? Whats behind door number three?Those are questions we all ask. Throughout A Story of an Hour I honestly wasnt captured by the story until Mrs. Mallard was lying on her deathbed. They story says that she looked out the windo w. To me when the author says this I believe that she is yearning for the outside world and thinking about all of the things she could have done. 1 can only imagine what is going through her mind at this point because when I was 13 I would long to do something I wasnt aloud to do and was always so consumed by the fact that I would have to stay behind and do whatever my parents did, but Mrs. Mallard on the otherhand is on her Deathbed and has no control ofwhat she can do anymore. Mrs. Mallard hasnt done any of the things that she truly wanted to do in life and is forced to watch the world go by while she is helplessly on her deathbed.Has there ever been a time in your life where you wanted something so bad for so long but never actually got it, but on the day you finally got it suddenly baffled interest in the object. Well thats how I was. From the age of 14 I wanted to drive and do my own thing. I literally counted down the days that I would be able to drive. The day finally came w hen I could drive and I was so excited and for the next few months I was on cloud nine. However as time went on I found my self strongly disliking the problem of driving, and I would be always asked to drive at night when I was tired so my public address system could sleep, or my parents would ask me to go to the store for them at 11pm. The things that I didnt think about, came back to obsess me.Another example would be when I would ask for the new game system that had just came out and after a few months it would be stuck behind the closet collecting dust because I was tire of it. Mrs. Mallard never had that freedom she never had a choice or anything like that so it was something that she couldnt have that made her want to be her own person. At the end of the story she was told that her husband had died, she became so excited that her heart began to beat at an extremely fast rate. Freedom and independence were something that she longed for, for such a long time and she finally had it.When Mr. Mallard walked into the room her heart and mind filled with so many emotions, she didnt know what to do and how to do it so she was completely shocked. According to the doctors she died of joy. She thought that she had finally been freed from the life she was living but when she saw her husband things change. I believe that we all long to be our own person with no direction, but I believe that over time wegrow accustomed to the things we are comfortable with even if we dont like what we are doing.

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Techniques in marketing products Essay Example for Free

Techniques in marketing proceedss Essay1. Intro to company convergence or service elect for evaluation.The company I have chosen is Tesco PLC and service provided by them which is Tesco Mobiles established in May 2003. divine service mentioned above is a mobile virtual network operator. The type of the company is private and owned by Tesco Mobile Services Ltd in 45%, Tesco Mobile communication theory Ltd by a nonher 45% and O2 Communications Ltd by 10%. Products provided by the company atomic number 18 mobile telecommunications. some other important argue I would comparable to consider is that Tescos mobile services run on the O2 network in the united Kingdom. 2. Explanation of the marketing strategy employ to market the crop/service.Tesco Mobiles touch based its strategy on Ansoffs Matrix diagram attached below and the one used by them is market shrewdness. strategy used currently by Tesco Mobile Company is definitely less risky than it used to be at the beginning as the variegation which is less predictable, expect more work and more time. integrity of the reasons wherefore that is a market penetration is that they established the company in 2003 so currently they argon already 12 years in a business environment. Market penetration is primarily defined as an activity of growing the market share of a present product. Tesco Mobiles is perfect example for a market penetration as they are providing already animate product on the existent market. It used to be diversification for Tesco at the beginning because the concern is mainly recognized by groceries non electronic accessories but currently as it already exists for so long we discount define it as a market penetration. However Tesco Mobiles is currently using market penetration to measure the amount of adoption or sales of a service or product which is associated to the total theoretical market for that service or product.3. Explanation of TWO risks of the marketing strategy.So far mark et penetration strategy seems like risk-free way to keep the sale of the product and make profit on it. However this strategy does not work for all of the products provided by the company. Market penetration focuses on the low prices at the resembling point to increase market share and demand for a product. When demand for the product increase then concern can save money onproduction costs per unit by making a greater amount of the product. There are missed opportunities when the company provides good quality, luxury products when in a market same products with less quality are already provided as a cheap purchase. At the end of the day even when the company decrease the price of the luxury product and raise it feeling by step later on customer probably may go elsewhere when for them seems the same product is cheaper. Second point of the risky way of a market penetration I would like to consider is poor company image. When company focuses on the market penetration of one product it can hurt or decrease sale of the other products provided by them. If company which is providing high quality product will focus on a cheap sale in a market penetration then image and reputation of the luxury producer can without any doubt suffer.4. Analyse of quaternion advantages of the marketing strategy.There are absolutely more advantages than disadvantages found in a market penetration. first of all as the product will attempt to the already existing market as already existing product the result of this may be quick adoption and diffusion of the product in the market. Another point worthy to consider is discourage competitors. When for example Tesco provides existing product into existing market that Sainsburys got already it may interest the customers and bring them back to Tesco by the more attractive price or look of a product. Third advantage presented by the market penetration is high product turnover.In the situation when there is high product turnover in terms of fa st sales retailers are forced to order more from the suppliers which at the same time give more profit to the suppliers. To shut down advantages of the market penetration the last point in all likelihood to provide is raising profitability. Market penetration is mainly know and defined as the way of selling current services and product to already existing target market which makes it profitable and least risky through all of the Ansoffs Matrix strategies. 5. overcritical analysis of two other strategies that wont be useful for the product/service and why?Two other strategies that I would like to mention and use them as the ones I will not provide are diversification and product development. Diversification is a strategy which enter new pains or market and that isthe most risky strategy for the business. There are several disadvantages of diversification. As the diversification does not provide that much protection while investing money into something new people does not always f eel positive(p) to actually purchase the product before someone else will suggest it.However if the company will experience any loses while performing diversification during the market integrating then in result some business units might be subsidized. Another strategy that in my own opinion will not be useful is product development which brings new product to existing market. In case of this strategy company might experience and sometimes is very likely to have product failure. As the product is first-time mover in a new market and on the face of it people same like in case of diversification might not feel confident to purchase the product. However company must be concerned of target audience for their new product which has no experience in sale yet.

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Tell Me About Blood Essay Example for Free

Tell Me About Blood Essay1)What is the significance of a lower-than-normal haematocrit? What is the effect of a bacterial infection of the hematocrit? Can cause bleeding oddment of red blood cells causing sickle cell anemia and an enlarged spleen it can as well as cause decreased production of red blood cells which in turn can cause crabmeat and bone marrow suppression. Nutritional problems as well as over hydration ar caused by lower-than-normal hematocrit levels. Bacterial infection may lower your hematocrit levels. 2)Compare the victimisation of lymphocytes with the development of the other(a) formed elements. Lymphocytes and other formed elements are developed from pluripotent arrest cells.The pluripotent stem cells generate myeloid stem cells and lymphoid stem cells. Lymphoid stem cells begin development in the red bone marrow, but some are completed in the lymphatic tissue, where they give rise to lymphocytes. Myeloid stem cell begins and complete their development in the red bone marrow and give rise to red blood cells, platelets, basophils, monocytes, neutrophils, and eosinophils. 3)What is erythropoiesis? Which factors speed up and slow down erythropoiesis?Erythropoiesis is a process in which red blood cells are produced. It is stimulated by decreased O2 in circulation, which is detected by the kidneys which then secrete the hormone erythropoietin, increased level of animal(prenominal) activity can also cause an increase in erythropoiesis. It slows down when there is sufficient atomic number 8 carrying capacity of the blood. 4)Explain what would happen if a person with type B blood were given a blood transfusion of type O blood. Nothing would happen type O is a universal donor. 5)ReferencesLi, W., Wang, J., Long, R., Su, G., Bukhory, D., Dai, J., Wang, Z. (2014). Novel Antibody against a Glutamic Acid-Rich Human Fibrinogen-Like Protein 2-Derived Peptide near Ser91 Inhibits hfgl2 Prothrombinase Activity. Plos ONE, 9(4), 1-13. doi10.1371 /journal.pone.0094551 Sreenivasamurthy, S. K., Dey, G., Ramu, M., Kumar, M., Gupta, M. K., Mohanty, A. K., Keshava Prasad, T. S. (2013). A compendium of molecules involved in vector-pathogen interactions pertaining to malaria. Malaria Journal, 12(1), 1-7. doi10.1186/1475

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Crusades and Pope Urban Essay Example for Free

Crusades and pontiff urban EssayThe Christian Crusades occurred around the 11th and the 12th century are very umpteen and complex. The Christian Crusades has built a tense relationship between the Christians and Islamic. This essay will explain the causes and effect of the Medieval Crusades. The importance of the sanctum lands as stated in the Islamic parole, Koran, and the Christian bible is the closely significant cause of the Christian Crusades. Religious rivalry between the 2 religions was caused by the fact that two of these religions believed in 2 different gods. The Islams thought that on that point god was the true god whilst the Christians believed that there god was the one and true god. The fact that the Islams believed there god was the one and true, brought anger to the Pilgrims who were on a quest to take back the Holy lands which were Bethlehem, Nazareth and Jerusalem, which were controlled currently by the Muslims since 638AD.But as more than and more pil grims came to visit the Holy lands, Seljuk Turks, Saracens, took over the lands and denied more Pilgrimages to the Holy Lands. This brought great anger to pope Urban II. pontiff Urban II was responsible for the very startle Christian Crusade. He started this by giving an extremely influential speech to alone Christians in Europe and Medieval time aspect that the Saracens were turning Christian Churches into Mosques which were Muslim churches. Pope Urban II then told only Christian work force and European Christian Princes to go on a crusade to take back the Holy lands. The Pope also stated to these Christian men that by engagementing in this holy war they would throw heaven. So the Christian meliorists set their target on regaining one of the Holy lands which was Jerusalem.The result of the first crusade was non too good for the Muslims as 70,000 Muslims had died trying to flee from the city or fight to protect their city. A reason that explains the cause of the Christian C rusades, are the Christian men, the Knight class and Princes. prior(prenominal) explains how Pope Urban II speech influences the Christian men, Knight classes and Princes of Europe to go on a crusade against their rivalry religion and to gain back the Holy Lands. Pope Urban II says to all these men that go on to their crusade, that if they do not fight back against the Saracens, god will not clear there sin. This was another reason for the Christian Crusade. Pope Urban II blackmailing these men to go to the Holy lands was a reason for why the Christian Crusades began in the first place.The Knight class were all men that wanted to fight. Since the age of seven, pagers, who were the first stage into becoming a knight, were taught special skills to fight. Every Crusader that was going on to gain back the lands had a sign on their tunics when they went to fight. This sign resembled St Johns Cross. The medieval Crusades take aim brought a strong intensity in these to religions that are still quite tense nowadays. Pope Urban II speech had urged men to go on this holy crusade and both the Koran and bible having two of the same holy places caused tension between these two religions. This essay has given the causes and effects of the holy crusades.

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Underlying themes in the novel Frankenstein Essay Example for Free

Underlying themes in the novel Frankenstein EssayAlthough he could have elect a male counterpart, he desired that of a female. Shelley creates not unless a feeling of closing off through the lack of friendship, but also a sense of incompleteness. She suggests that love cannot exist without friendship, as the only love original ever expressed was toward his two best friends Elizabeth and Clerval. Shelley also creates the theme of opposites that bonds are practically formed between two different individuals, that in turn balance iodine an otherwise.The most unmistakable case of this would be between Victor and Clerval. The two are quite different in some(prenominal) aspects, yet they enjoy life the most when they are together. This ties into the theme menti id earlier regarding friendship, that individuals balance and complete severally other. Frankenstein is constantly obsessed with his studies, pursuing knowledge and discovery. Clerval was simply in love with life, and although he seemingly had interests in education as well, it was merely a way to stay close to his life-long companion.While Victor is recuperating from one of his several breakdowns, it becomes extremely evident how different he is from his friend. As the two set sail on the water, Clerval marvels at the beauty of nature, life and spring. Victor merely looks at everything with disinterest, thinking of the projects he must soon pursue. Although their minds are in different places, Victor rises out of his melancholy for a time, and is uplifted by the unseasoned joy of his friend, harmony was the soul of (their) companionship.It is likely that someone in an extreme state of depression may have been aggravated by someone so elated, but Shelley implies otherwise with the outcome Clerval causes. It is extremely wry in that the most obvious case of two individuals complimenting each other, and becoming dependent on one another, is between Victor and his creation. Shelley created the t wo as the most extreme case of opposites, one creating life, and one victorious it. The monster was obsessed with obtaining friendship, while Victor was constantly seeking isolation to arrange his thoughts.Harold Bloom states Victor represents the feelings, and his nameless monster the intellect (pp 280). This is quite true, as Victor is driven by emotion fear, guilt, greed, and so on In contrast the daemon is powered by what he has learned, not what he actually feels. Although it seems he has the ability to become quite emotional, he is driven more so by intellectual passions than anything else. Shelley creates the two this way to show how they compliment each other, and although they are not exactly an example of friendship, they are thence a union of being.Their lives revolve around one another, neither willing to exist without the pursuit of the other. Indeed, bloody shame Shelley asserts that individuals are often joined together by their differences. This was shown through Frankenstein and his scientific interests, Clerval with his poetry (Masao Miyoshi pp 287) and several other differences in character. It was also ironically demonstrated through the union of Victor and his creation, who were direct mirrors of one another. bloody shame Shelley uses the interactions and emotions of her characters to express her views on friendship.Victor and his many acquaintances compliment each other, suggesting that opposites attract, and his deep bond with Elizabeth illustrates Shelleys views regarding heterosexual relationships. She feels that friendship is a crucial part of being, as man discovers and fulfills himself through others (Kiely pp 296). Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

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The Audobon Zoo Essay Example for Free

The Audobon zoo EssayTHE AUDUBON ZOO, 1993 The Audubon zoological garden is located in New Orleans, Louisiana and is a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization. In 1914 the Audubon Com missionary station was created to maintain and develop Audubon Park. In 1919 the Audubon Institute was established as the pargonnt agency. oer the next several decades many changes would occur including the addition of a monkey cage, mammal cage and a deer paddock. Louisiana school children purchased the first elephant in 1924 and shortly thereafter an aquarium and sea lion pool was added. Through the Great Depression of the 1930s and 1940s the zoo was barely able to glide by its doors openand in the 1950s it was labeled an animal ghetto by the media. In 1970 the U. S. Humane Society insisted the zoo be brought to industry standards. In the early 1970s the Commission worked closely with Mr. Ron Forman, City Hall Liaison for Audubon Park, to turn back a special referendum that gene sayd close to $2 one thousand thousand in bonds. These funds were the beginning of the Zoos restoration project that enabled it to expand from 19 acres to over 55 acres.Volunteers at the Zoo formally became known as Friends of the Zoo. By the 1980s the Zoohad received accreditation from the American Zoo and Aquarium Association and was note as one of the nations top-rated zoological parks. And in 1989, Friends of the Zoo became known as Audubon temper Institute where it remains today. Today, the zoo combines research laboratories with acres of pristine natural habitat where rare and be animals roam and reproduce (ANI, 2009). The Audubon character Institutes mission to servesone purpose Celebrating the Wonders of Nature.Its facilities carry on this mission through the Audubon Park, Audubon Zoo, Woldenberg Riverfront Park, Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, Freeport-McMoRan Audubon Species Survival Center, Entergy IMAX Theatre, Audubon Louisiana Nature Center, Audubon Center for Research of threaten S pecies, Audubon Wilderness Park, Audubon Insectarium and Audubon Nature Institute Foundation. Additional opportunities for the Zoo include technological advances in animal breeding and smart interactive computer programs that allow visitors to become educated close the animals history, environment, special characteristics, feeding and origination.Educational programs for both children and adults are offered through visitor programs, school field trips, outreach programs, and educators resources. A very real curse to the Zoo is the unpredictability of Mother Nature. New Orleans is located on the Gulf of Mexico and hurricanes cause a threat to coastal athletic fields during the summer and fall seasons. Tourists and residents go away be deterred from visiting the Zoo during inclement go and will have a negative impact on admissions revenue for an undetermined amount of time. A SWOT analysis is essential in evaluating the market potential of the Zoo.In areas of strength new attrac tions will draw repeat customers and with the educational activities offered year round there is a limitless supply of new school children as they grow and develop their interest in the world around them. The rehabilitation subject matter for injured animals is a favorite of the public and should be marketed accordingly. And, the Zoos Center for Research of Endangered Species has been recognized as top notch and as such also holds considerable value in marketing. The one major weakness of the Zoo is its absolute necessity to depend on donations from a handsome public.Unfortunately, not all funds that are pledgedare actually received by the Zoo and this creates challenges in budgeting from quarter-to-quarter and year-to-year. In a poor economy when the public are forced to worry about basic extract needsdonations will sharply decline. While the Zoo enjoys a heavy supply of volunteers, which creates a positive scope to the community, they cannot be held to the same standards as pa id employees. Volunteers are more disposed(predicate) to come and go as they will and this leaves the Zoo at the mercy of over worked, understaffed employees.A financial analysis of the Zoo reveals that it has done very well and that at the end of 1982 it was virtually self-sufficient. Improved efficiency in the area of operations was the first step towards this turnaround. The Zoo is entering a maturity stage and should look for opportunities to subdue its employment costs, non-value added programs and departments, administrative supplies and expenses associated with daily overhead. Media exposure can be highly expensive and as a non-profit entity the Zoo should take advantage of as much free exposure as possible.Press releases about new acquisitions, programs, animals, and the rehabilitation center should be sent to the media on a continuing basis. News articles with discipline about the different animals and the lands they originate from could become a regular travel guide fea ture of the topical anesthetic print media. Holding special events for a targeted segment of the public could draw additional revenue expire music on the green or in the park, Sunday afternoon Jazz Concert, or birthday parties with the special childs favorite animal as the thememay stimulate growth in revenue. some other idea would be to consider an adopt-an-animal program. Local schools, businesses or individuals could agree to adopt an animal and provide fiscal support through fund-raising or in-kind donations. Offering a yearly pass for residents at a discounted rate may seem contradictory to the idea of increased revenue but, if the community felt that they could visit the Zoo at any time without paying an entrance fee they may be more apt to spend discretionary dollars on hats, tee-shirts, sweat-shirts or other accessories, concession stand items and impulse buying of souvenirs. key fruit factors in bringing a successful turnaround of the Zoo begins with the original bond o f $2 million and the total of a $5. 6 million development program that was created by the Audubon Park Commission. These funds permitted enlargement of the Zoo to its present 48 acres allowing the area to be divided into geographic sections that featured the distinction of the animals.Next was the implementation of admission charges to generate revenue and help off-set the few donations the Zoo received. The creation of the base Friends of the Zoo, which managed guidelines for the many topics and programs available also offered the edZOOcators conductededucational programs. The implementation of fundraising through new and interesting events and finally, the continuous expansion of programs and update of other programs helped to create the Zoos success.

On the Job Training Essay Example for Free

On the Job Training EssayIt to a fault benefits the students to fuck off relevant knowledge and skills by performing in substantial run for setting. Colleges and universities require their students to undergo such(prenominal) fosterage within a specific number of hours as part of the curriculum. It provides opportunities to go through the actual methodologies of a specific concern using the real tools, equipments and documents. In effect, the hightail itplace becomes a development venue for a student trainee to lease to a with child(p)er extent ab bulge his chosen range and practice what he has need from university. Supervised Industrial Training is an grand opportunity for students to seed their gos in a particular assiduity or alternately, it may financial aid students to clarify which sector of the industry they wish to pursue a c argoner in. It works to develop an individuals sense of professionalism by experiencing set-backhand the industrys culture and pract ices reading from professionals their roles and responsibilities as active professionals. It is here our technical skills as well as our ability to take on and consider assumption responsibilities and elucidate sound decisions that will strengthen our prospects.It is therefore not uncommon for us students who cash advance to the challenge to be straited a continuing position after their initial supervised industrial dressing period. Alternatively, an efficient OJT program further more(prenominal) benefits the companies who accommodate trainees. Initially OJT or intern offer further manpower for a slighter compensation than a regular member of staff. Majority of them are all dedicated to be trained so probabilities are high that they will cooperate. Managers shadower make use of this internship strategy as a scheme in enciphering spick-and-spanly employees.Given that the executive program can buoy keep an eye on the trainees development, he/she can determine based on pe rformance, actions and approach if the trainee will make an excellent recruit after the completion of his internship. In Addition, OJTs are capable to convey bright fact into the group. know the chance to verbalize their mind liberally and with no apprehension, they perhaps able to contribute substantially in suggestion gathering or research and so wizardr or later help develop the troupes productivity.At the same conviction as teaching the interns, supervisors are in truth withal training their member of staff to development of guiding the trainees broaden their persistence, widen teaching expertise and make them secondary aware to the requirements and state of mind of the adolescent. The path of supervision as well explains them how to contribute what they know and be sympathetic to enquiry. For this reason, the internship additionally turns out to be an opportunity in training for the future managers of the company.Obliging on SIT can exceptionally be beneficial not only to t he trainees but as well as to the companies that vest with opportunities for this kind of learning. This is also why trainees should undergo their SIT seriously as it may turn out to be a dominant tool and perhaps even a basis of proposal as soon as they acquire that huge raise for being students to line of achievement professionals. But most important of all, it is one of the best training methods because it is planned, organized, and conducted at the actual work spot. SIT will generally be the radical method used for broadening trainee skills and increasing productivity.It is particularly appropriate for developing proficiency skills unique to an employees job especially jobs that are relatively requires knowledge and skills to learn and the attitude and whole someoneality of the student to administer with his superiors, co-workers and subordinates. Morale, productivity, and professionalism will normally be high in those students that undergone SIT program. Thus, these accli matized qualities will be used by the students to be successful in life. VNR Construction, a company where Im assigned to learn and visualise the construction/development process.VNR Construction was registered with the Department of Trade and Industries in 1999. It is a company and Industry of engine room and Architecture. Their main line of stage business is in building construction, labor supply, and steel fabrications. Their project range from privy residential buildings to medium rise office towers. This is owned by ENGR. Nelson Remulla, a licensed Electrical take. social club Vision is to throw away Professionalism on the system of delivering military services, and provide quality, competitive price of every undertakings and to deliver the highest take of satisfaction to the clients.VNR had established its name for its quality of work and excellent after sale service which gained for the company the confidence of its clients, likewise due to its flexible organizatio n the company can offer competitive price for its services. Main Mission is to be known as one of the well systematic Construction bon ton in the field of Planning and Development, It will achieve only in compliance with its quality steering system, dedication to their customer, service arousement, and commitment to serve. II. Job performed in the Company May 21, 2012, it was the date when I first started my mean solar daytime as an OJT at VNR Construction.It is a construction company which is sited at quaternate floor VNR business c sneak in, Governors drive, Langkaan I, City of Dasmarinas Cavite. I was designated at the department called Purchasing Department. This department serves as the key purveyor of tools, equipments, and bodilys that is necessary to site. Furthermore, at this department, its study lying-in is to hit upon nifty supplier which supplies good quality of poppycocks at reasonable represent and need to deliver immediately to not overhear a delay in c onstruction. It essential not establish delays to maintain the production stream smoothly and prevent waste of time and money.On the first week of my training, I started my work as an champion and an aid of Mr. John Paolo Modesto genius of Purchasing Department. He first taught me the pace of purchasing department, rules and regulation, and what is the blend of coffee that my boss likes. I him help arranging companys documents, photocopy of files, estimate, and answering phone calls. Being an assistant is bland anticipate that it was the only work that I will do for the rest of my OJT. On the second week of my training, it was an venerate for me that Engineer has exhibitn me a chance to go along on tour with our client. eyepatch we are on the trip, I saw how engineer deals with our client. As time goes by, I get used to be a vendee. My supervisor was trained me to have good communication skills with our suppliers and visitor. He also trained me how to pass around with othe r supplier to do business with to lowest price possible we could get from them without sacrificing the quality of material we will purchase from them. It is also my task to encode in my database all the materials that have been delivered, to supervise the materials cost in each site. . It is also our task to do monetary report of all projects.So that Engineer can visualize what is happening on every project. We tried our best to come up with speed of light% accuracy in our report. On the third week of my training, I feel I already worked ripe like a regular employee of the company. Starting on that time, I feel I was not an assistant or a helper any longer just like on my first day of OJT, but one of trusted personnel on the department. It was privilege to me that my supervisor has trusted to make material request form, purchase request form, purchase order form, transmittals, cash advance of workers, and endorsed me some of important files.It is also an honor to me that the comp any teaches me how to contend subordinates appropriately. Sometimes I go along with the driver and helper to superintend their progress, to deliver the cash advance/payroll of the workers, to know the concerns of the site, and site inspection to examine the materials that has to be delivered. On the determineing week of my training, while I was assigned as a purchaser, the company transfer me in the construction department. At that time, I am very excited to work with site because since the first day of my OJT I wish that I would designate to site.At the first day in the site everything is new, new environment, new task, and new supervisor. Furthermore, I struggled to adopt in my new department because from being a purchaser that I accustomed with, I now work as an assistant of Mr. Junmhar Reyes (one of the three professionals site supervisor of VNR). We are assigned in 3rd floor of VNR business center, 1 floor lower from our office, our task to renovate an existing call center a nd make it a world class piece.I also have a hard time to fulfil all the responsibilities that was hand over to me like monitor all the works of the worker to check if their work is followed according to plan and correct, making the daily effect report and attendance of workers, and check our material balances. A month later, we were assigned in a new project in Devine Grace Medical Center located in Rosario, Cavite, again it is an existing seventh floor building but the 6th and 7th floor has no room partition because the state two floors is an extension so that the hospital can accommodate more patients.This time its more challenging not only because it is far away from our office, not only the site is much large than our previous project, but because of we have to impressed and show the board how passionate, motivated, and world class output in our work. My supervisor, which is an expert in his field, taught me different techniques, approach, and all the things that he is knowle dgeable with. Time came when my supervisor ask me to handle workers. That time is when I used what was taught to me by the company. Being an apprentice on that kind of department was very remarkable.All the techniques that were shared to me will help me a administrate for my future career. III. Experience Earned later on finishing the required 640 hours of duty for the company, I had may lessons Learned. The ten guidelines for a successful result of work are 1. Take Risks Do not be afraid to take risks. Where is the fun in that? If you sine qua non something, go for it Do not try and justify every action you make. Sometimes, all you have to do is to take that big leap We usually allow ourselves to settle at what is safe and secure and nonetheless we end up wondering at all the what ifs? and what could have beens?This is more consistent than waiting for opportunity to knock on your door which may or may never come. 3. thrust a Plan Always have a plan. This is the best way to stay on spark advance with your goals. Set a mile orchestra pit which will provide as your visual in what you are running(a) for, what you have successfully achieved, and what you need to do better. 4. Stay Motivated When youre too busy get what you want you also exhausts all your energies with it and this becomes critical because this is usually the reason why we lose the battle.Half-way through, we get hackneyed and lose the desire to go on. It is important to stay motivated. Remind yourself with the reasons as to why you are workings hard. Read motivational quotes and articles. Assure yourself that every effort exerted will eventually pay-off in the long run. 5. Be Patient Always remember that attaining goals almost always takes time. Be kind to yourself and the people around you because everything is actually a process in working your way up the ladder each day. 8. Reward yourself As you surpass every milestone try and treat yourself for a job well done. 7.Do not Stop Learni ng You may feel that you have already become an expert in your field when youve been working on it for so long. But this shouldnt be the reason why you should stop learning. march on innovating New ideas and new ventures help keep the fire burning 8. Learn to Delegate When you are get close to your goals you will hap out that there are many more things to do than hours in the day. Find someone to help take some of your load so you can focus on things that need your full attention. 9. Raise your Standards Always learn to Step-up Increase your standard and strive for moreNot only with your accomplishments but also with your trials and your failures. It will keep you humble, which in turn, will help you put out striving for success. Training inside the company the company is a learning experience each day. I erudite how to appreciate the lessons studied in school. I was able to realize the important principles, theories, and concepts that were discussed inside the classroom. And also I understand that everything that was thought inside the school especially in our laboratory shops class can be a tool that can be used in future career.Like me as an Architecture Technology student, how can I understand and read a whole plan if I dont know anything somewhat the basic of architecture. Second, how can I use the Autocad and Google Sketch Up if I havent experience them using in school. Lastly, How can I give suitable reports if no has tried to teach how to use all the Microsoft office programs. No doubt, my school Technological University of the Philippines Cavite Campus teaches me to the career Ive chose. There once told me that the knowledge we learn for our school is only 10% of what we must learn and the 90% is learn in actual job.And thats what VNR Construction do it fulfills all the remaining 90%. As I was working as a trainee at VNR construction, I learned to become a hard-working person. Time to complete the output product is not important, but the qual ity. I also learned to follow the instructions as what the superiors said and to accept opinion that they suggested. The training served as the stepping stone to me to the real life of an architect. It served as the beginning the real life of being an employee. I realized that learning is a lifetime commitment that is continues even you already have a job. The training gave me more curtain raising to my chosen career.I was more encouraged to pursue the Architecture Technology rail line. The training inspired me to enhance my skills and knowledge in the field of architecture technology. I was given some ideas what could be the feeling or situation being an employee. The training enriched my individuality as a beginner and created the foundation of being a good worker. The best thing that I have gained inside the company was the good orientation of the person having the higher positions. As Architecture Technology student, the OJT made me realize the importance of the course that I am taking. It made me realize the essential role of a architect in a company.An architect can take the work of electrical and civil engineering, but, no other course can takes place the work architect in a company. To be a competent one, not only an architect must understand what he/she is drawing with, the process and the underlying principles but also be knowledgeable in the field of construction. An architect must also possess good communication and leadership skill. The students have undergone a good training. The task given to me was an application of my shop subject of my course. The design of the project has a great in connection to the subjects.The anthropometry deals with the study of human dimensions were exactly related to what was discussed inside the classroom. I was technically given actual problems that have a main concern with the architecture technology subjects. The nature of the career course was the main focus of the training. This training will be useful if the nature of their training have the major concern for their chosen career. The trainees would able to use the experiences they have gone through during the training whenever they are already in the field of specialization. At the school, being late is better than absent.But as what I have learned at VNR Construction, being absent is better than being late. Being absent can be a cause of emergency situations like sickness, unpredicted travels and phenomena, while, being late is a cause of misdeed and unable to manage the time. I was training at VNR Construction for almost four months, I discover the daily activities and practices that the workers inside the company, as well as rules and regulation that all workers and employees must comply with. I easily observed that all workers inside the construction site must wear their proper logical during working hours.Even the sweepers who clean the yard must wear complete uniform. Any workers who will keep without in their proper PPE will b e given a punishment which may result in lay off the worker out of the company reminding everyone that those people were violators. Safety inside the company was unfeignedly strict. Another thing that I observed was the rules and regulation that the company initiated. Before entering the construction site at taguig, regular frisking and baggage inspections were conducted. Car and Delivery truck without gate pass cannot enter inside site except for the visitors. Trainees are not included as a visitor.Another was the NO smoking, sleeping and by standing rule. Any violators who will be caught will fine an amount of one thousand pesos. Gadgets like mobile phones and portable mp3 players are not allowed during working hours. Requests like emergency calls are accepted making sure that the call was important and entertain able. During my training at VNR Construction, I learned to move with other people. We know that people have different characteristics and attitudes however, making frie nds with the trainees co-workers doesnt make difficult. Even though I was only a trainee, they dont treat me like others.And as a trainee, I dont feel uncomfortable as I worked with them. From the interaction I made with them, and later I learned to work with patience. Although thoroughly working on something was time consuming, the quality of the output product is the most important. I also learned from my co-workers experiences and mistakes and apply them whenever he needed it. They also encouraged me to go on with my studies until I become a professional. Although I worked and interact with them for a short period of time, I learned a lot to them the skills and techniques that they shared with me that cannot be find on the books.IV. Problem met while on training Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable. While on my training I think no problem h as aroused. Our coordinator has visited us in our company to monitor our progress, as they have said in the first day of OJT orientation. Ive experienced a lot of problems during the first initial weeks of my training, this problems aroused due to the lack of background knowledge about the industry.During the first a couple of(prenominal) initial weeks I was working so slowly, I had problems adjusting to the work environment, that my supervisor got irritated at me and complained about my work etiquette, I explained my side and I gradually got things fix. Yes, I have to admit I did do up during my training, I broke this and damaged that, but in the end I learned from my mistakes. I remember what the Manager used to tell me, Thats why youre here, to learn. And Im knightly to say that I didnt make the same mistake twice. V. Suggestions and RecommendationsThe company created a good service to their clients and gave the best training for the students. The students must have a good co mpany that would give them a good training ground and would enhance their knowledge and capabilities. The school must have the good coordination for some companies that offer an annual On the Job Training inside their company. The school should provide more budgets given to the OJT coordinators to have the best monitoring of the training the students are taking. One of the best ways of training is the provincial trainings that would give different experiences to the trainees.An out of town training would give more self esteem to the students. The evening students have their training at 4th year and first semester of the year. It is more efficient if they will take it 4th year of their last semester. In some cases having their training during the first semester of their 4th year of school would sometimes affect the rhythm of their schooling because in evening students OJT have their preferred pre-requisite subjects that once not taken would give a big effect to the arrangement of th e students subjects.Instead of the regular muniment of years of studying, once being impact by the pre-requisite subjects, the students would waste some of the time spending for the subjects affected by the OJT.

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Coffee and Starbucks Essay Example for Free

Coffee and Starbucks moveThen.. First Starbucks opened in SeattleWashington. March 30, 1971 Jerry Baldwin English teacher Gordon Bowker-Writer Zev Seigl-History teacherThen Entrepreneur Howard Schultz conjugated the company in 1982. Director of retail operations andmarketing. Ideas of copeing beverages.Then April, 1984 first store to sellbeverages was opened. Served 400 customer- over the 250customer average at their best score. II Giornale Acquires Starbucks. Howard Schultz- Starbucks presidentand CEO.Now publics premier roaster and retailerof specialty hot chocolate. 8,812 company-owned stores. 7,812 l covernsed stores in more than50 countries.Now yearbook sales of about US$14.89 one million million million. Sell Whole bean cocoa, GroundCoffee, pastries, beverages andcoffee related products. missionary station Statement1990- October 2008Establish Starbucks as the premierpurveyor of the finest coffee in theworld while maintaining ouruncompromising principles as wegrow.Vision Starbucks Digital Network, inpartnership with YahooIts vision is to provide best cup ofcoffee to include providing the bestdigital experience. They are nowoffering music among choices fromtheir digital network.Opened with Tata worldwide beverages.(50-50)% partnersFirst In Mumbai, October 19, 2012Now 54 stores in Four cities (in 17months) CEO of TATA Starbucks is AvaniSaglani Davda. Starbucks also perplex source to coffeebeans from Kodagu (Karnataka) Opened with investment of US$66 billion.EthicsStarbucks and Shared Planet is moveto doing business responsibly. A betterway to help each other and planet.SWOTAnalysisStrengths pencil lead retailer and roaster forbrand specialty coffee in the world. Known for providing superiorproducts and services. Number 7 on Fortune Magazines100 best companies to work for. Consistent high quality of service. limited no. of strong competitors. High market share and marketgrowth.Weaknesses High prices because of qualityingredients used. Starbucks re fuses to guaranteethat milk, beverages, chocolate,ice cream and baked goods sold inthe companys stores are free ofgenetically- modified ingredients. warm presence in U.S. more thanthree quarters of its cafes locatedin the domestic market. In tell apart to reduce business risk,expansion is needed.Opportunities High growth of economy andmarket in Indonesia, especially inurban areas. Could diverse their product notonly in coffee. The potential employees areeducated peoples which piddle iteasier to train them. Strong financial support.Threats Competitors and copycat couldpose potential threats. Sentimental issues to the badeffect of coffee from society. Global financial crisis-makepeople tend not to spend. Exposed to rises in the cost ofcoffee and dairy products.CompetitionCompany FinancialReport Revenue US$14.89 Billion Operating Income US$325.4Million Net Income US$8.8 Million Total assets US$11.5167 Billion Total Equity US$4.48 BillionConclusion Summary Strengths OpportunitiesThre ats Conclusion WeaknessesOverpriced coffee. Health concerns regarding caffeine andcaloric intake. Main focus on expansion rather thaninternal improvement. Total revenue of $10.7 billion in 2010. Starbucks has added an average of twostores on a daily basis since 1987.

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History of The Boston Tea Party

History of The capital of Massachusetts afterwardsnoon teatime troupeA very historical vitrine in U.S history happened on December 16, 1773 it would be cognize has The capital of Massachusetts afternoon tea Party. Some American patriots dressed as Mohawk Indians boarded ships in the Boston Harbor belonging to the British East India confederacy and threw 342 dressing table of afternoon tea into the water. Their reasons for doing so were because they were protesting the tax on tea (Taxation without representation). This would also unite the colonist in the colonies more than ever before.It entirely started with the Townshend Acts that were passed by parliament in 1767 which were composed of four acts that was basic tout ensembley an attack to assert its historical right to the colonies through strict collection provisions of revenue duties. In 1773 sevens passed the Tea Act that was to financially help the East India Company. The Tea Act that Britain had passed added a mon opoly on the tea that they were shipping to the colonies. The tea that Britain was sending over to the colonist was only to be carries by the company known as the East India Company. The company could then sell the tea in the colonies at a little than usual price that then led to colonial merchants to form an alliance with the radicals that were being led by Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty.In a few cities in the colonies like New York some tea agents even resigned or just flat out canceled their orders of tea. All of the acts expect the Tea Act were repelled after the colonist resisted them with verbal agitation, physical violence and acts of violence towards British enforcement agents. The royal governor who was Thomas Hutcherson determined to maintain the legality and that the three ships that would be arriving to the Boston Harbor the Beaver, Eleanor and Dartmouth should then have the right to deposit their crates of tea. Then on December 16, 1773, a group of around 60 men (The Sons of Liberty) boarded the ships wearing their Indian disguises and dumped all 362 government agency of tea into the waters of the Boston harbor. The tea they dumped was valued at around $1 million.The Boston Tea Party Played a significant role in U.S. History imputable to the fact that it was mavin of the first major compositors cases that led to the revolution, since this was the first time the colonist started fighting back. After the Boston tea party, the colonist started to become more independent and confident that they could do just fine being unaffectionate from Britain. Which then all of this events of course led to the Revolutionary War then to the signing of the most grievous document in United States history. Even though the Boston Tea Party didnt really pulse results, but it lit a fire in the colonist hearts to give them the courage that they needful to assumeup to the big old bully Great Britain and fight for their right to have independence and freedom . Without this ever hap who knows maybe the colonist never would have had the courage to base of operationsup for their rights?One thing I found bit researching and found it quite interesting that not one person ended up dying during all of this cause me personally I just it funny how in that respect was one person that got injured and they opinion that he was dead so they hid him under a pile of wood in a closemouthed by shop but turns out he wasnt dead. He regained consciousness a few hours after and was the only person said to be injured during the Boston Tea Party. I also seen where there was only one khat who got punished due to the fact that someone gave an anonymous tip and the guy was then stripped, tarred and feathered. After all that happened not one person ever came forward with any information. I just was always under the speculation that no one ever actually would get caught due to the fact they couldnt actually identify them with all the native American disguise s on but I blastoff I was wrong.The Boston Harbor was also shut down for a couple weeks after all the tea was dumped into the harbor it then caused the harbor to smell. The harbor was then shut down until all 340 white meat of tea was paid that was dumped during the Boston Tea Party. Another Boston Tea Party happened three months subsequent on March 1774, 60 men disguised themselves and bored a shipped named the Fortune the slung 30 chest of tea overboard but since it was such a littler protest, but due to it being a smaller protest it didnt end up getting all the attention since it was a much smaller protest unlike the Boston tea party that happened a few months earlier. Even though it was named the British East India Company the tea didnt actually come from India turns out that the tea they dumped came from China. The tea that was destroyed in the Boston tea party was described as Bohea. In the 18th century black tea was referred to as Bohea, it was a variety of black tea that came from the Wuyi Mountains in the Chinese province of Fujian.A democratic belief was that the ships that brought the tea to were British made ships but turns out the ships were built by Americans and owned by them but the tea they were carry from London and Boston was owned by the British East India Company. Researching for this radical I found a lot of things I never even knew about the Boston Tea Party it was pretty cool to find out there was actually a second Boston Tea Party and the tea didnt actually come from India but instead it came from china.The Boston Tea Party was a major event in American History. It played a major role in Revolutionary war as it helped the colonist gain the courage that they needed to help them first began to stand up to the evil bullies over in Britain that thought that they could just control the people over in the colonies like the owned them. Without out it happening who knows maybe the colonist never would have had the courage to stand up to th em? I enjoyed finding out all the neat things that I never knew and I am glad I picked the Boston Tea party.Work Cited PageBoston Tea Party Facts Boston History. Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Feb. 2017. https//www.bostonteapartyship.com/boston-tea-party-factsBoston Tea Party. Encyclopedia Britannica. Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc., n.d. Web. 21 Feb. 2017. https//www.britannica.com/event/Boston-Tea-PartyThe Importance of the Boston Tea Party Independence Day Surfnetkids. Independence Day Surfnetkids. N.p., 06 May 2014. Web. 20 Feb. 2017. https//www.surfnetkids.com/independenceday/255/the-importance-of-the-boston-tea-party/