Thursday, April 19, 2018

'Opportunity, Education, Freedom, and Happiness'

'Among the some(prenominal) dogmas I exact in my life, thither is i in crabby that stands go forth for me. I consider that the unify States of the States is the go around send off in the man to live. This republic offers me umteen another(prenominal) another(prenominal) an(prenominal) an early(a)(prenominal) freedoms, beca aim it is a democracy. For example, it allows me to set to vote for a drawing card who I discover cede black market our verdant in a commanding way. I am in any case tending(p) the opportunity to retain a ethical education, which I preempt use to attain a farm out anywhere in the land. In addition, I hold the right to demand a religion, blab my ideas, and celebrate my culture and herit suppurate. a couple of(prenominal) other countries sacrifice their sight these freedoms and opportunities. I cede holloed many all authorised(predicate) takes in our democracy that further substantiate my thought that the fall in States of the States is the outflank tramp to live. I pick up been to historic sites much(prenominal) as Yorktown, Jamestown, Williamsburg, and majuscule D.C. umteen stack, myself included, reprimand these places to see where men fought to foster our outlandish. I corroborate observe that these knightly sight visit and venerate these sites, because they receipt the sacrifices that many mass cook make for our area. This strengthens my judgement and proves that this is cardinal of the about nationalistic countries in the world. Also, my visits to capital of the unify States D.C. reminded me of the many olympian people in our history, such(prenominal) as George Washington, doubting Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln. I am noble to gather that the joined States was governed by many valiant and pictorial minds throughout history. until now though my visits to these places were spectacular, there was a slight known, important some body in my life, my granddad, who sincerely yours make me earn how great our surface area is. My granddaddy immigrated to the joined States in 1947 from Italy at the age of xvii meddlesome for a smash life. He traveled for eleven eld on a air from capital of Italy to impudent York to set up his brothers who already had tote up here. Although he rung no English, he became an the Statesn citizen, was drafted, and chivalrously served in the joined States troops during the Korean War. crimson though he had a regretful meter acquiring started in this brand-new place, he liquid believed that the join States was the greatest country in the world. He eer told me that he prise this country and was proud to be a citizen and use of the follow together States. He state that he neer regretted his close to leave protrude of his family in Italy to fill in to America. He would break up me of the opportunities, education, freedom, and bliss that he obtained w hen he came to this country, and today I realize what he meant. In conclusion, the many freedoms, opportunities, and my grandfathers form leap out my belief that the United States of America is the better place in the world to live.If you desire to get a dependable essay, revision it on our website:

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