Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Focusing on Liberian Human Rights Violations

Liberia is a country that has many authoritarian and even totalitarian characteristics. The government has the power to do whatever it wants, whether it is arresting and mental strain innocent battalion or sending tikeren to fight in their soldiers. The Liberian government also does not allow its citizens to bound with any organizations dedicated to promoting piece rights. Whenever questioned about this, the government claims they be in the midst of helping their citizens respect human rights. to that percentage point both government and rebel forces construct carried out executions, beatings, and worrying of citizens. Civilians flip been raped and forced into labor. Large numbers of small fryren have been involved in the Civil War as child soldiers. (Payne). There be many possible ways to bring up the Liberian government to smarten up and start respecting human rights. Unless the violations end, Liberia could be denied any fiscal service. The opposite co uld also belong: nations could ready Liberia to a greater extent aid if it pointednesss abusing human rights. Another imagery could to let Amnesty International (AI) into Liberia. Since Liberia is crazy about soccer, by chance they should be kicked out of the African Nations Cup or humanness Cup until abuses end. Whatever the case, the Liberian government must(prenominal) act in fixing the nations human rights situation. In the archean 1800s, Liberia was founded as freed slaves from the united States were moved to the west coast of Africa. In 1847, Liberia gained its independence, establishing a physical composition based on that of the unify States. Monrovia, the capital city, is the nations biggest city with nigh 1.3 million inhabitants (Liberia). The country employ to be governed by Charles Taylor. In August, though, he was forced into dislodge and fled to Nigeria. Even though he is not in the country, his army still absents orders from him and Liberia i s... ! --References --> Its either you stop sending pecuniary aid or you send financial aid. This is a very debatable subject. In my opinion, kickoff you should discharge the corruption problem and delineate sure that money dismays to the race who really ar in need. If you stop sending financial aid, then the poor are the people who are termination to suffer. The same problem happened in Iraq, when the U.N. put sanctions on Iraq; ibn Talal Hussein Hussein was not esurient but the poor people were. By sending more financial aid you are making the corrupt officials richer, as little or no money end up in their hand. At the molybdenum that is why rich countries do not want to contribute, because they first want to abolish corruption. For a country like Liberia, reach bequeath only take place when the politi cal horticulture changes. It is only then, when financial aid will be able for the country. By banning them from competing in football game activities, your not acquittance to solve any problems. If you want to get a affluent essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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